Melanie's Gourmet Pretzels

unforgettable edibles for all occasions










             HOLIDAYS & PARTIES



HOSPITALITY:  marketing, reservation desk, guest room addition

WEDDING:  announcement, thank you, place setting

CORPORATE:  marketing, announcement, meeting, trade shows, client/employee thank you, holiday gifting, reception area

SHOWER:  announcement, thank you, place setting

SPECIAL EVENT:  open house, fundraisers, sporting events and more...

GRADUATION:  announcement, thank you, place setting

HOLIDAY:  business or personal gifting, thank you, party favor

PARTY:  announcement, thank you, place setting




Some of our pretzels contain peanuts or peanut butter as stated in our product description list.  However, pretzels not noted as containing peanuts may still contain peanuts or peanut products as they are produced in a kitchen where the complete line of products is made.


We are a 24/7 online business and conveniently located to serve Indiana, Illinois and Michigan.